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Jun 24, 2021Raquel Cantó
Hello cocolokas!
Here Susi with a new BITE and the wonderful PICNIC collection.
If you are a fan of die cuts I hope this Layout inspires you since I have used a lot.
What's more, except for a small piece of the yellow paper from the collection that I have put behind the photograph, it is made only using die cuts.
Those daisies and branches are divine and deserved to be the protagonists of the Layout.
Starting from a 12"x12" white cardboard I made three diagonal openings in which I have been inserting all the die cuts and the photo.
I have also used the SIN TRUCOS stamps from the collection and I have stamped them as a title and journaling .
To complete the page I have used some enamels from the previous collection OjaláSiempre by COCOLOKO.
I was delighted with the result and I hope you like it and it inspires you.
Happy Thursday ladies!

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