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Jun 10, 2021Raquel Cantó
My friends are already starting to work with PICNIC and you don't know how much I enjoy seeing these wonders. Today it's Ana 's turn to prepare this mini that doesn't lack a single detail.
Hello cocolokas!
What a win I already had to go through here! The days go by so strange that it gives me the feeling that it hasn't shown its paw for a long time but today I fix it with this beautiful mini. At Cocoloko we are very fans of the essence of scrap, of documenting and making work full of life, with its photos, its journaling... but we are also VERY fans of scraping and not leaving collections laughing in a drawer, so , although I have not been able to dedicate the photos that I wanted initially to this mini, I have put myself to work with the school and I have made the structure with all the pages decorated and prepared where the photos will go, so when I have them it will only be to paste them and write all those beautiful memories they keep.
Be careful, I have enjoyed decorating between die cuts, enamels, puffys and stamps like a dwarf... a party ladies! The school has come well charged and the inspiration flows alone.
Are you more of doing the work when you already have the photos or, on the contrary, you also scrape for fun and they will arrive?
See you in the comments, if you like what you see, don't forget to save it to take a look when inspiration runs low 😊
A thousand kisses dear, health and love 😘

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