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Sep 20, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

hello beauties,

Today triple dose of inspiration! Yes, as you can hear, Janire has marked a Quick & Slow tutorial

You will see the contradiction of the name...

Quick because it's short and it won't take long to see it and Slow because you're going to want to reread it several times to squeeze all its content...

A wooden house made with Lagom papers awaits you, some divine cards and many ideas and tricks on photography that are going to come in handy.

Come on, you can't ask for more!!

Hi guys!

Today we are going to talk about that topic that brings us upside down, down the street of bitterness, that makes us want to bang our heads against the wall: Instagram photos!

But let's go in parts, why does it give me to tell you about this now?

Well, since Lagom came home I have not been able to stop working with her, to the point that I have prepared a new section for my Instagram profile that you will see in November and December. And, once the work is done, the photos come.

I thought I could take advantage of this circumstance to talk to you about some things I do, at a user level, without being an expert in photography, so that my photos look a little more.


Let's start with the Props :

It is true that it is not always necessary , moreover, depending on what I work for, I like to use the white, simple and clean background that we can all achieve with cardboard.

However, it is a subject to take into account, especially on special dates, such as Christmas or autumn, since the photo changes radically with a bit of thematic decoration.

For example, the idea of ​​decorating a wooden house had been on my mind for a long time and as soon as I saw Lagom I knew it was time!:

In this way, I have used props for this photo, which is about the decorated house, but later the house will become a decorative element in the photos and in my house:

Thus, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on props and will often have several functions.


Continuity in thematic photographs:

As I told you, this post occurred to me because I had to do a Christmas photo shoot.

When we are going to take thematic photographs and even more so if the works follow the same line, I like to choose elements and move them in the photographs , since this is how we achieve continuity in our publications.

In this case, they will all go with a dark wood background, with small trees, pineapples, the house, papers and stamps from the collection.

Blurs and cut parts of the props:

It is not necessary for the props to be seen whole, nor for it to always be in focus , it is not our focus of attention, nor should it be that of the people who see the photograph , for this reason:

We can blur the background:

Cut parts of the props so that they are only visible from one side of the photograph:

xO focus both elements (the main one and the props), but putting the element that we want to highlight in front:

And remember, in a world where we now have to be photographers, know editing and composition, video, and do our manicures (which I don't do), so that everything turns out divine and perfect, at least don't forget to enjoy that little while that you do Scrapooking , which is the objective.

I hope these tricks help you and take away some headaches.

And I hope to see you in the Clean and Simple Lagom Cards section that I am going to publish shortly.

A big kiss!

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