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Sep 20, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

hello beauties,

Today a serving of good inspiration! Patricia has come up with a tutorial full of packaging ideas with different formats, each more original. This Christmas I am going to follow it closely because I love preparing my very cute gifts…

And remember that there is only one occasion to create a first impression, so to pack nicely ?

It's Christmas already! Or at least that's what the cocoloka family have felt since we saw LAGOM, the boss's latest creation to document our Christmases, show its paw.

When, among all the compis, we talked about the topics that we could cover with the Christmas tutorials, I assigned myself the packaging, but not because it was the easiest (or so we thought) but because I had an idea to share with you.


We all know how to wrap gifts and I think that more than one of us here loves to put bows, ribbons, some Christmas tassel, holly, labels... and either we customize our paper, or we buy one that we like and then we give it our touch with the decorations.

I ask you, what would happen in the case of gifts that are not so easy to wrap? And the sweet-shaped details? And what about those with a pyramidal shape that are impossible to wrap? Well, today I want to inspire you for some of these assumptions.

1. Wrapping Christmas Gifts in Decorated Bags : I don't think it needs any further explanation. Here we could include those with complicated ways to wrap with paper and that in a bag are the sea of ​​monkeys. What do I want to use my LAGOM Papers for? Well, I use Gift Bag Punch Board and I make some bags in the size I want and I give it an extra Christmassy touch with some Die cut from the Lagom collection.


2. Give a handmade Hat / Scarf / Bag (made by ourselves): for this occasion, I liked the idea of ​​the gift sticking out from the sides (I recommend wrapping it in tissue paper so as not to reveal the surprise right away) and make a "shell" with this wave cardboard that I had at home. A few touches of gesso (which almost none of my packaging in the post has not lacked) and that giant clip that I have given life to with the Die Cuts of the collection.


3. Original Gifts that only need one sheet (theater tickets, a gastronomic experience, a spa session…) : for the occasion, I used a cardboard tube that I had at home and covered it with gesso. Around it I put mint colored faux leather with gesso touches and a die cut from the collection with a red ribbon to decorate. Inside, there would be the experience to give away, handwritten or printed on one of LAGOM's decorated papers.


4. And if we are Easy Gift and we give money, how do we present it? Well, the answer is simple, in an envelope properly decorated as we like. Here I show you some of what I did.


Well, these are just some of the assumptions that can be given to us when it comes to giving gifts at Christmas and my proposal to present gifts in a beautiful way (and it is that the vast majority of times you love the packaging more than the interior ). You have to take care of that first impact of your friend or family member when they receive the gift: that they can feel the pampering that you have had not only when choosing it for him/her, but also the love and work that you have put into wrapping it.

In the cover photos and this one that I show you below you can also see:

  • How to pimp an egg box: it's the one with the "joy" die cut

  • How to give a funny touch to those candies that give the gift a sweet touch

  • How to decorate an envelope in which you send the Christmas gift of your penpals

  • Other sizes of decorated bags

  • And even one of those tags that I have always liked so much, made of cork.


I hope I have given you a little inspiration and do not forget to give a personal touch to the packaging of your gifts this Christmas.

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