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Dec 05, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

For a couple of years I have a centerpiece that I made with a bell to store cheese. I put a lot of little lights on it, a red stroller with a tree,... you can imagine... (I keep some photos on Instagram). I love decorating the house for Christmas and DIY elements give it a special touch.

That's why I think Marta's idea of ​​turning a box of cheeses into this wonder is wonderful. Surely it gives you ideas to look at the box of wine or the Christmas lot this year with different eyes… hahahaha

I leave you with Marta!

Hello family! The last month has finally arrived, a very special one in most houses and where we scrapers go crazy with a thousand projects.

For this occasion I have decided to create a home decor with a box of cheeses that we received in a Christmas basket last year.

I have used the Lagom collection, the stickers and washi tapes from the Christmas kit. On the cover I have created a Christmas wreath that I show you how to do on igtv, thanks for inspiring me Susi. And in the interior I have made a layout made up of several circles and circular photographs on a tracing paper base to allow the little lights that I have installed inside to pass through.

To decorate the layout I have created a shaker crown and with a good portion of stickers and a little washi everything is well linked. What a vice, I love this type of transparent stickers, the title of warmth in the family seems to have been written by one and no, it's a sticker and when it becomes transparent it looks divine, don't you think? I love the final result of this Home decor but, above all, having given this cheese house a second chance, I think I have given it a better life on my shelf decorating the house during the month of December

what do you think?

a little kiss

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