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Nov 28, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

This weekend doesn't happen... Nil already nervous counting the days until Christmas. So at home on Saturday morning we will have Christmas spirit with coffee. We have to prepare the advent calendar, mount the tree and go to the forest for the tió. Little thing huh?

Full of DIY at Cocoloko's house!

And Dulce goes and complicates my existence with this precious crown that I don't even paint because the menda had nothing planned for the door. Come on, if there is strength left on Sunday we will have a crown. I leave you with Dulce who will teach us in more detail.

Hello everyone!

Here Dulce (@hacheproject) starting the Christmas mode. And look, I'm not a big fan of these dates. But it was when I saw the kit that the boss had prepared as a complement to Lagom and the light bulb went off. That precious canvas deserved a privileged place in my house. Putting it on the back of an album was fine, but it deserved more. So I worked up the courage to take out scissors and cut out its pretty flowers to create a wreath on a frame. Why is it hard to cut something this pretty, huh? But I love the result. It is a simple, fast and successful project, so there is no excuse to get down to work YA.

And put to work, I used a leftover piece of that same canvas along with Lagom's papers and diecuts to pimp a little notebook, where I will write down all my projects for the New Year. Mmmmm... I think I'm running out of paper 😁

And you, do you dare with the DIY Christmas decoration? Looking forward to seeing it! A kiss and see you soon.

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