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Dec 19, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

Helena @the_life_journal finally opens on the Blog and you don't know how excited I am. The desire he had to see how his Project Life was turning out with the Lagom kit were not few. If it is that I already knew that I would freak out because in this journaling Helena is the master and commander. Oh yeah!

I leave you with her 👇🏻

Hi, glad to greet you again!

Today it's my turn to give you a little "craving" (I'm sorry!) Especially to those of you who still don't have the Lagom Christmas Kit version 2.0, because you're going to want to have it and make pages like these with your photos.

I confess that I am making a real effort to reserve decorated cards and papers for the most important days of Christmas, but in November I couldn't take it anymore and I gave myself a little "taste" to better cope with the wait. A bit like when you say: "I eat a little piece of chocolate to get rid of the sweet tooth (and not eat the whole tablet)", well in this case I thought, "come on, okay, but only a few cards and not too very Christmassy that later you run out of them ”. And Volia! Page with a lot of white combined with red, turquoise, gray and green.

I documented small everyday moments (which for me is the essence of Project Life) such as a meal with my parents, going to vote, getting churros around the corner and enjoying them as a couple and of course my two furry ones. To decorate: enamel dots, some stickers for the phrases, die cuts and of course the stamps and washi tapes that come with the Kit (with all the moderation I've been able to).

I like the color scheme so much that I really enjoyed making this page. We look forward to seeing how your pages have turned out!

See you in the next BITE!

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