Episode 4. Talking about Kimidori with Barbara

Apr 04, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo

It started as a hobby but this Sevillian with an entrepreneurial soul immediately saw the "negosi" in it. Barbara is the visible face of Kimidori, a family business that, in just over 5 years, has become one of the leading online stores for national Scrapbooking.

Today's interview has been therapeutic. They say that shared sorrows weigh less and today we have not been able to ignore everything we are experiencing these days. We talk about the bloody Covid and how it is affecting us but also about all the beautiful initiatives that have been taking place.

We also talk about all the projects that are being born around Kimidori. Now she is betting heavily on another of her passions: crochet. Without neglecting that entrepreneurship that he carries in his blood and that makes him vibrate by designing his new range of his own products: Kimidori COLORS.

Barbara shows us that by making an effort and working hard, living from your dream is possible.

Stay, it's worth it!

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Barbara recommends Cixin Liu's The Three-Body Problem trilogy

Bea Valint is the international scrapper that Barbara recommends

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