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Feb 20, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo

I love it when we turn to the predictable. I knew that the kit could give much more than for Project Life. I know that some of you have it to make a mini and I am amazed to see the results of such different projects. The other day Jo Quezada with her mini covers and today Chelo with this notebook that I'm already visualizing in my bag 😝

Good morning girls,

I have to confess that I am the rebel of the group and the one who does what he wants. But it's not my fault, it's my head that goes free and thinks... If this kit is from Project Life... why don't I do something that has nothing to do with it? The truth is that my compis make some PL pages that take the "feeling" out of anyone, and if I don't make minis I stop breathing. So, white and bottled, mini that raised you, although in this case the photos will be secondary since the main idea of ​​the album is to put on paper a project that I have in mind with the help of the boss's ultra-motivating cards.

And now, I tell you some tricks:

1. I like to use leftover cardboard scraps when I cut the cardboard in the workshops. They usually measure the same and to make small albums they are great. I always have them on hand in a wooden box on my table.

2. I don't use the foam dots to give volume, but I use cardboard scraps again, this time the leftover strips. I glue them behind the die cuts according to the height I want and I play with more or less layers of cardboard to achieve different depths. They stick with a little tacky and that's it.

3. If you pay attention, the cover is made with the vellum from the kit and with one of the 6x8 cards underneath. So that it would have a good finish, I did not glue the vellum to the paper, but rather left it superimposed and only glued it in the folds, on the back of the cover, when lining the cover.

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