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Mar 20, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo

Hello girls!!!!

Well, it is clear that this did not have to be so. The Sitges fair was supposed to start today, that GAIA was going on sale and that you were all going to hallucinate having it in your hands. It was supposed that today I was going to eat you with kisses and hugs to all of you who passed by. The Chief was supposed to be nervous/excited about this big launch, and we were all supposed to be at our big party, but no, things don't always go the way you think. But there is something that has not changed, and it is the pride I feel to be the first to show you Gaia worked.

GAIA is, without a doubt, the collection that is going to change us. It is full of sweet colors, inspiring phrases, and little bugs that you are going to look at with loving eyes even if they give you milk. And it is that the Chief has created a collection full of details, and it seems that she knew what was going to happen because her words are just what we are experiencing. Reconnection, meet again, live life, caresses, walks... just in time for us. I leave you with the mini that I created using one of the oilcloths from the collection as a cover and filling it with beautiful photos of my wedding. I don't get involved anymore, these days IG is fuming.

By the way, Gaia doesn't have a release date yet, but as soon as this madness is over you'll be able to enjoy it to the fullest!!!!

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