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Sep 21, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

hello beauties,

I know, you are already looking forward to us showing you something more about Lagom and here we are still in indigo mode… But it is such a versatile collection that we still want to use it! Besides, who doesn't have photos of this summer left to get their hands on?

Today Anika shows us a mini with a most original structure that just by looking at the cover you know you're going to fall in love!

I leave you with her...


I don't know about you, but the inspiration to scrape comes to me by looking at any object and if not, who was going to tell me that the wallet that I carry in my bag was going to inspire me to create a mini album? Yeah! Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to put on your scrapera glasses 😉

This is the appearance of the closed mini that I have made with the INDIGO collection and the MONSTERS and ICE CREAM stamp sets

And when we open it, we find...

On one side I have made a kind of card holder and even the typical little pocket that wallets have to put photos, in this case the photogenic protagonist is the cocoloka whale.

On the other side I have made an accordion pocket to put several photos, like the pockets that carry the wallets where we keep the coins.

What do you think? It is not a mini to put a large number of photos, but I think it is ideal to make a gift with some photos of a special day, for example. I have filled it with photos of beautiful moments this summer with some friends, because "Indigo" is a most versatile collection, I love it.

I will tell you a little about the steps I have taken to create this mini.

First of all I have taken a 25 x 14.5 cm white cardboard, I have folded it, I have rounded the corners and I have lined it inside and out with different papers from the collection.

Inside, on the left side I have been placing three papers from largest to smallest. In the first two I have left the side open and in the third I have made two slots with the cutter to insert photos and/or tags.

On top of these papers, I have created a shaker to put the floating whale in white glitter hehe. To create this window, you only need acetate and 3d tape, as shown in the photo.

And this is how this part of the mini stays once we put the photos

In the next photo, I take out the tags and the photos of the pockets so that you can see some things that I have put

On the other side of the mini, I have created the accordion pocket that I have mentioned before. First I have created the two accordions that measure 10 x6cm and I have folded them to 1cm. These two accordions are glued to the decorated paper and the pocket is created.

Inside this pocket several photos fit and depending on how big you make the accordions, you can put more photos.

And with these simple steps, you already have a mini result in which to put some beautiful photos of any moment, don't you think?

By the way, I've also put a photo on the cover, it's the first time I've done this and the truth is that I loved the idea 😉

I hope you like my mini-portfolio!

See you soon!

A kiss

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