Episode 9. Talking about workshops with Alazne

May 09, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo

Today we talk about workshops with Alazne Vales. She discovered Scrapbooking a little over three years ago, during the final stretch of her pregnancy. And he has become so hooked, but so much, that he has left his lifelong profession to live off his passion. And nothing has gone wrong for him, he has been giving online and face-to-face workshops for more than a year in many stores and spaces.

We can't wait to get together again in a workshop, right?


Alazne's YouTube channel

And this is the link to the GAIA Album Tutorial we talked about during the interview:

You can check Alzane's workshop calendar in his Instagram posts

She recommends us to read 50 Shades of Gray by EL James

Alazne learned a lot by following videos of Julia Tischenko, who has a storybook Instagram .

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