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Apr 13, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo

Hello girls,

Although the day is not good and it is somewhat rainy, today we are launching the new Project Life HELLO SPRING Kit. A few days ago I presented it to all the subscribers and I am happy because they tell me that they are liking it even more than the first one.

The truth is that I am very satisfied with the result, the range of colors that is very fine and elegant, the cards,...

Shall I show you a little bit?

The kit again includes cards in 6x8” format so that you can cut them to the size that suits you best (it is always good to have options to make extra cards) or to use them as pages for a mini album. With this same idea you have 2 sheets of vellum also in 6x8”.

I confess that this quarter the stickers have stolen my heart...

Again, many cards in 3x4” format, both printed on one side and on both sides.

The stamps are 10x15cm (which I know you love that it is in a large format) and for the first time a new product at Cocoloko: a pad of post-it sticky notes

I grew up in a stationery store and this, for me, is one of the most special products to date… They have stolen my heart. So much so that I have manufactured extra units so you can buy it additionally. Who has enough with a single pad?

In addition, a new extra is also coming this quarter: the Desktop Planner

Pretty and practical!

Remember that the Kit can be purchased in free or subscription format.

In this second case, it works as follows: The subscription is automatically renewed on the same day of the month that you purchase this first kit. That is, if you purchase Kit 1 on April 10, the following kits will be charged on July 10 and October 10. As soon as this renewed subscription is confirmed, the new quarterly kit will be sent. It is a totally automatic process and you can not worry about having to wait for the new kit every quarter.

If you are interested, SUBSCRIBE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE since it will be activated for a very short time.

And since I am very much in spring mode, I have prepared two free downloadables for you: some screensavers in mobile and computer versions. Let's bring spring cheer!

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