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Jul 10, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo

I am very excited to show you the first BITE with Bikini. Dulce (@hacheproject for the fans) debuts and does it in style. You will see what a marvelous mini with its magazine-shaped box it has been worked on for, I know, many, many hours.

But every effort has its reward because it has been scandalously beautiful. He has been known to take the Project Life kit to his land and has used the cards as part of the mini. All combined with the 12x12 papers and the oilcloth on the spine. Have you seen how beautiful the little pieces of wood in the kit are? If this album does not lack detail! Tomorrow video showing it all. But today I leave you with her, who tells you everything much better 😝

Hello Cocolokas!! Here Dulce, happy of life premiering Bikini in abundance. You will have seen a fresh and elegant collection that the boss has marked! It has me totally in love. Since she showed it to us in the petit committee, I knew that my first project with her would be with the photos from last summer, with my sister @viktoroovnaaa, her handsome hubby and my brother @javishevic (also very handsome, but in a different color range 😁) . We have so few occasions to be together that they deserved a project at their height! I have prepared a mini made of cardboard, with oilcloth on the back and a little handmade decoration with the keyring cut out (there it is crying out for the wooden charm but it hadn't arrived yet 😅). The mini has a lot of pockets and drop-downs, to be able to add volume. Even so, it has turned out to be very fat! And so that it would have a place to rest as it deserves, I have made a kind of filing cabinet, also made of cardboard, where I can store it without damaging its decorations. I am very proud to be sewing a little in my projects, although I know that I still have a lot to improve. I hope you like it and that it will serve as inspiration for yours. Thank you for reading this billet and happy summer!!

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