Ideas to gift Scrapbooking at Christmas

Dec 16, 2023Raquel Cocoloko

I have been thinking about writing this post for days because, let's not fool ourselves, Santa and your Three Wise Men are very lost.

They know you like our Life in a Pocket kits, maybe you're looking at a new printer, or you're always talking about various scrapbooking tools you don't have.

Shall we shed some light on the matter?

Here is a compilation of fantastic ideas to give to a scrapper:

Our Life in a Pocket and Life in a Journal 2024 kits

You already have the sale activated on our website, if I were you I wouldn't miss one of our subscriptions.

They contain everything you need to document a quarter (Pocket) or a special moment or event (Journal) and you will fall in love with them.

You can discover them here

Sealing waxes

You will love giving a special touch to your projects, cards, greetings or gifts. I have already succumbed to the fever.

An online workshop

They already say that knowledge takes no place. At Cocoloko we have a few online workshops at the moment but they are all a pleasure. You learn, have fun and awaken your creativity.

My Journal, My Life

Marta has prepared a workshop that will make your head spin more than once. Specially designed for all those people who want to start documenting and love paper.

Mine Workshop

Lose your fear of sleeve albums while documenting the best memories and anecdotes of those around you.

In this workshop you will learn to use essential resources to document through covers and cards.

And most importantly: to get away from complexes and limiting beliefs and add your own words to the photos.

Binding Workshop with Amore

One of our most beloved collections, from the hand of the person behind its history.

You will learn many binding techniques with Marta Marfá in this wonderful online workshop.

Relax and Slow Life

Discover our candles and soaps

Approach scrapbooking with your five senses through touch and smell. We can finally smell our collections! Discover SLOW LIFE , our line of scented soaps and candles that complement some of our most legendary collections. Fresh aromas and 100% natural and vegan products for a unique sensation.

Scrapbooking printers

Everyone knows that scrapbooking would be nothing without a good photograph. And how important it is to be able to print it with good quality...

Without being an expert on the subject, I would recommend the following option:

Epson Ecotank

Epson has recently revolutionized the printer market thanks to its innovative Ecotank system. The printer replaces conventional ink cartridges with bottles of liquid ink, which translates into more ecological and economical printing.

The range of printers with this system has been growing so much that you will find offers for all budgets. From small home printers to photographic wonders that print in A3 size and 6 inks. Spectacular!

Pros: ecological, prints are cheaper than with Selphy or inkjet printers, supports photo paper up to 300g, they are connected by Wi-Fi, they have a very intuitive and easy-to-use App.

Cons: its starting price is higher than that of the Selphy but, without a doubt, it is an investment worth considering.

Collaborate with a social entity

It is always a good time to collaborate with an entity or association but it seems that at Christmas we are more sensitive to doing so. At home we usually ask for donations in our name as gifts. We also look for space to collaborate with different NGOs, although it is not always found. That is why it is important not to forget about them and contribute as much as possible.

On a personal level, I usually collaborate with Unicef, Acnur, CEAR and the Banc dels Aliments.

And from Cocoloko we have collaborated on several occasions with Pequeno Deseo and Una Navidad de Ilusión .

It all adds up! So the only thing you have to think about is where. What a good miss it is.

Cocoloko Gift Card

Getting it right is not always easy. Even after all these recommendations. So if you see that Their Majesties are still lost you always have two options:

send them this post

Ask them for a Cocoloko Gift Card and you decide when it suits you!

Wrap it with love

How happy we are with our wrapping papers. Two sets with 4 50x70cm papers in a beautiful matte coating. With a super silky touch that will make your gifts stand out the most under the tree.

I hope this year is yours and on January 6th you wake up with the best of smiles. And don't forget that the best gift is being able to enjoy those close to you.

Happy 2024

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