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Oct 10, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

Serendipity is a collection that was intended as a gift. A gift that you give yourself. A gift in the form of time in which to dedicate yourself to what you like: Scrap. A gift that helps you value yourself more, to grow, to motivate yourself.

Take photos of yourself, collect your memories, look for quiet moments with yourself. Everything is aimed at a single objective: that you love yourself more.

Perhaps you will have plenty of self-esteem and this will seem like a huge bullshit, but perhaps this will make you choke on your morning coffee a bit. That you have a little knot for a while because, deep down, you know that you do not value yourself as you deserve. And happiness, my friend, comes from taking care of yourself, taking care of yourself and falling in love with yourself.

Marta has prepared a wonderful game and I challenge you to participate. It is a Motivation Diary in which every day you will learn a little more about yourself. Are you looking for happiness? Start by giving yourself 5 minutes a day. You will not regret.

I'll leave you with Marta who is dying to tell you more about it.

Since I saw Serendipity , it was clear to me, I wanted to do a personal project, a diary where I can write my thoughts as I have always done but with the arrival of the children I have abandoned it.

The main problem was facing the blank paper and by chance I saw the famous book #5minutesjournal and my head began to scheme.

It is a diary where you only need 5 minutes a day to answer some questions. With this little exercise one feels fuller, happier and more relaxed with her emotional backpack.

I have created a template where these questions are asked in Spanish and with a space to answer them. You can DOWNLOAD it for free, including the cover of “5 minutes a day”.

The marbled oilcloth begged me to be the covers of the newspaper so I got to it. I took the sewing machine and made the filing cabinet. With a few copies of the template and some rings I created the notebook.

I couldn't resist creating some pages decorated with stamps and stickers from the collection to brighten my day when I come across them.

Don't worry, I know you. Do you want to make your own diary? Well, onIGTV you can find the step-by-step video!


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  • hola me gustaria comprar en pdf el diario de 5 minutos por favor


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