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Oct 02, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

I think I'm not wrong if I say that currently in all the houses of the Cocolokas there is a vase in the living room full of flowers. If it is that we came very high and bought preserved flowers in bulk like there was no tomorrow. Everything is because the collection looks as it deserves.

Tip of the day: treat yourself to flowers!

In addition to feeling more divine than Preysler having flowers in your dining room, you can incorporate them into an album cover, as @_azahara_perez has done in this marvel that we show you today.

If the school cries out for flowers and more flowers. You listen to him, sit down to scrape and let yourself go. You will see how the bloody flow.

I leave you with Azahara who will tell you a little about her album:



Hello!!! Here Azahara with the most beautiful collection in the world. I won't give you the plate again with how precious it is, but with something else hahaha. Do you know when you have some photos but there is no collection that frames them as it deserves? Well, that was the case with this pre-wedding session, which had been in the drawer for 2 and a half years, until I had Serendipia in my hands and I knew that the time had come to dust it off. And on top of that, I've launched with a Russian-style album, which I confess I had no idea about and if you analyze it, it's full of flaws (but we won't tell anyone about that 🤫)

I'm thinking of recording a video so you can see it in more detail, would you like it? Well, give him a lot of love and I'll give you more details 😜


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