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Nov 19, 2021Raquel Cocoloko

The Ana thing … you already know that she is too much. Because? Look at the photos, keep reading, then, if that's the case, you agree with me.⁣


A midori, a mini, 4 layouts, 1 workshop and several pages of my Life in a Pocket...⁣
This would be my love story with PICNIC, a story that I refuse to end and, so that this does not happen and stay with me for the rest of the year, what better way than to make myself a planner and a pencil case using its eco-leather, make some dividers with their beautiful papers and decorate with the elements of the collection.⁣

Yes, I know... this is one of those things that is done in September... but I haven't taken the month back to the routine... the month has taken me. So to better organize myself, I have also made a printable with a list of daily tasks, but without forgetting a space in which to do something, no matter how little, for myself. You want it? You got it! Tomorrow we will upload a video tutorial and we will leave you a printable on the blog.⁣

Do you dare to make yours? Here's a video so you can appreciate it in more detail and please download the printable you have below by clicking on the image.

Health and love dear. Jingle bells and Christmas carols begin to ring in my head... Xmas is coming!

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