Episode 1. Talking about YouTube with Azahara

Mar 15, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo

Today we talk (and laugh) with Azahara about how to rock it on YouTube.

If you have ever considered opening a YouTube channel but don't know how or where to start, stay here, today's interview interests you. If you are more into watching than recording but you are interested in knowing how much you earn by having a channel with more than 12,000 followers, today Azahara tells you everything, everything.

you can listen to it here:

Azahara edits her videos with Final Cut and Miriam with iMovie | He records with his Canon 700D camera | the voice in off adds it with the microphone of the headphones of the iPhone.

Don't forget to follow Azahara on Instagram : www.instagram.com/_azahara_perez and the rest of her colleagues

Wilma 's Instagram www.instagram.com/atiasroom/

Miriam 's Instagram: www.instagram.com/hisweetvanilla/

Joana 's Instagram: www.instagram.com/joanarepa/

Scrap Obsession Instagram: www.instagram.com/scrap_obsession_2.0/

This is Azahara 's YouTube channel and this is Wilma 's. This is Scrap Obsession 's YouTube channel.

This is the Andrea Compton YouTube channel that Azahara recommends.

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