Mini Album | wabi sabi

May 30, 2021Raquel Cantó Arroyo

Hello my dears !

What a pleasure to come back here to show off (or try to) with the beautiful wabi sabi. I live in a loop of diapers and love in abundance and I haven't been able to update my PL , but I have relieved my craving with a mini full of details and texture of some of the most special days of our Holy Week.

Vellum, acetate tag and threads to give it dynamism and different sized pages with the kit 's 12x12 papers and cards , not much else is needed for a kit that stands out on its own.

I hope to be able to return shortly to show a bit of my life in a pocket , meanwhile I'm going to eat a pretty bun that claims me with kisses.

A thousand beautiful kisses from me. Health and love ❤️

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