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Oct 02, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

I let her do it and she alone sets up the BITE for me, the photos, the texts, the slogan and even the advertising...

That's how great Chelo is and that's how wonderful is this mini album that he presents to you today. 🌼🌼

I swear on all the sweets in the world, beware, that I kill on sweets, that Serendipia is one of the most precious Scrapbooking collections my hands have worked on. And I'm not saying it because I'm a cocoloka daughter, it's that you're going to fall in love when you start receiving your orders, obviously I already assume that you've been a hit.

The album is mini mini, five by four and a half inches, and is made with the tiny stack . Stack that I highly recommend if you are short of cash and need to take off the Serendipity overalls. You have an album of milk left and you still have plenty for a Coptic, which I already have more than measured.

Well hello monas! I leave you with the photos of the mini, which is not for nothing but they have been divine and simple as they alone.

PS: if you want to mess around a bit on the inside, ask for that little mouth, a little bit of interaction by diorrr, you have to put the algorithm to work!

fat kisses!!


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