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Feb 17, 2021Raquel Cantó Arroyo
I really wanted to finally show you this mini that @hacheproject has been working on for several days now. It is cute, resultón and super inspiring. I leave you with her, who tells you a little more and better... ✨✨

Good morning! Here Dulce squeezing the pretty one a little more I hope ALWAYS.
This time I have given it a twist and I use it in a mini where I keep the photos of a getaway with my best friend from childhood, this past summer. It is that this collection adapts to everything! The structure is cardboard, simple and resistant. I have put an overcover lined with twig eco-leather (which makes me crazy beautiful).
By the way, you know that the Nuvo hits it like a charm. He could already sponsor us for the "promosió", jiji. Inside, wire-o binding and plenty of pockets and fold-outs to give it more capacity. At the closure, a lacing allows everything to be well collected.
To decorate the different photos I have given cane to the dies of the collection. And although I love all of them, I must confess my predilection for the one with twigs and the ones with words. On the cover you can see how well "adventure" looks stamped several times on thick cardboard.
A pleasure to work with such beautiful materials! I hope you like it. An XL kiss. 🍂

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