Life in a Pocket: ideas for "newbies"

Jan 21, 2022Raquel Cocoloko

There are many of you who want ideas to get rid of those first covers of your Life in a Pocket.

Now that you have your kit hanging around the house, it's time to give you some tricks to make your task very easy. You fancy? Well keep reading.

Our Ana aka @notasdepapel has prepared the step by step setting up a double page.

You will see how easy it is to put your photos in covers following 4 simple steps. What at first can be overwhelming, with practice it becomes child's play (and not so child's).

We prepared a double page from beginning to end:

Make the process easy. Find your way forward and create. Break your own rules and enjoy keeping your memories.

Would you like to continue finding this type of content on our Blog?

Head over to Ana's Instagram account@notasdepapel , give her a like and leave her a nice comment. I'm sure you'll be encouraged to continue sharing more inspiration with all of us.

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  • Estoy encantada con la agenda de mes vista, aunque me la estoy reservando para empezar en enero, pero ya voy cogiendo ideas de los reels,con muchas ganas de empezarla.

  • Me gustaría que dieras ideas para journal. Me he iniciado este año ya quecel pl del año pasado no lo hice


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