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Jul 16, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo

The best thing about Marta sharing part of her Project Life with us is seeing how she goes from 0 to 100 in such a short time.

She who had never done Project Life, who didn't really know what it consisted of and now is an elegant queen of the matter.

In addition, the phenomenon has a thousand resources to decorate, hide photos and journaling, add details,... Take a good look and you'll see!

It's nice to have the kit, it's cool to receive material every three months, it gives you like a push... due to lack of time I abandoned LP a bit but it was receiving the kit and coming up again and not stopping.

I am in love with the palette of this kit. On the first page I have used little things from the kit, the date stamp and my favorite paper from the pack of papers, the one with the key rings. I have cut out the key rings and used them to decorate the photo and the card.

If you pay attention, I have used one of them as a flap to cover the text since I don't like my handwriting lately. It's a good fix, don't you think? Ayyy, and what do you think of the gold foil die cuts? They have driven me crazy.

On the second page my main problem was that it had a lot of photos from that excursion. Too many. I wanted to put them all, so with a vellum I made an envelope so as not to sacrifice any of them. It is a good tip for when you have a lot of photos. Behind the family photo, pulling the flag, another photo appears. I said, I wanted to put all the photos and I got it. If you enlarge you will see that I have stamped some stamps with white and bluish green ink. Keep expanding, on the mint card I put the journaling in white pen, it had never occurred to me but there it was asking me yelling. Do you like it?

Now your turn, tell me, how are you doing with the PL? What do you do when you want to put many photos?

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