Paula's "My Trip" Journal

Feb 26, 2024Raquel Cantó

Paula is one of our friends who loves the Traveler's format the most and it is always a pleasure to walk through one of its pages.

Here is a small sample of the journey he is taking with the Journal "Mi Viaje"


"Today I bring you something different although you may not be realizing it. If you have noticed carefully, this page is not attached to any notebook, yes, as you can see. I am documenting a trip and I have cut all the pages so I can play with them more , exchange them, add more inserts, vellum, etc.

One of the stickers I use the most are the washi strips that come in the kit. "I usually cut them in half and this creates a frame and a bed for the photo."

I bring you another Layout of my trip through the south of Galicia. Since I am exchanging the pages as I please, they are two pages with dotted printing.


I used hexagons to create this composition, which I really liked! Sometimes we don't know what to do with a sticker or we can't think of where to use it and this may be one of them. We add a couple of stamps and puffies on top and that's it ✨

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