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Jan 16, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo

It's been a few days since we launched the new Project Life Beginning Kit and we continue to show how the DT compis are using it.

On this occasion Helena, one of the most loving people in PL I know, shows us how she is starting to document her 2020 with the new kit.

Do not lose detail of everything he has to tell you in the following video.

The occasion deserved it! I really wanted to start the new year in my PL album and do it in a big way, loaded with good energy, memories of the first gifts of the year and above all the resolutions that I want to bring me closer to a "better version" of myself. herself, a calmer, healthier Helena, who enjoys what she has and feels fulfilled, so this card had to be there! In this video you will see the whole process of the page, how I had a great time playing with the Kit stamp, how I used many of the stickers and I also tell you a little news that I hope you like. I love the variety of possibilities and customization that this Kit has, can you show us how it turned out for you?

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