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Sep 20, 2019Raquel Cantó Arroyo

hello beauties,

Whoever has small children at home will soon begin to experience the illusion and magic of Christmas. It's fantastic to be able to see her through her eyes… One of my favorite things is being able to “countdown” to Christmas. For this, the best thing is always an Advent Calendar. If we have also done it, it is already firecracker! Today Marta has prepared a beautiful one for you with the Lagom papers, if you have the collection you already know that the last page has all the numbers so you can prepare your calendar in no time...

I take this opportunity to congratulate our buddy who has been the mother, for the second time, of a beautiful Lola. I know that this Christmas will be very special at her house and the entire Cocolokas team is very happy for her and her family! Congratulations Martita! Welcome to bimaternity

Christmas is approaching and in my house it is a tradition to have an advent calendar. Lagom is perfect for the occasion, a piece of paper has the December numbers and its colors are beautiful.


We will need two pieces of paper, a square box that you can get in the Chinese stores, cardboard, ruler, cutter (I know there is a punch in the image... I'll tell you later why I changed my mind), double white tape, silicone, parchment paper, and strawberry tree.


First of all, we will glue the two Lagom papers.


Then we will put together two tracing papers, making it square like paper and we will trace the numerical squares. In this way, when it comes to making the interior distribution and separation, it will be easier for us with that traced parchment paper.


Next, with a cutter, we create the number windows. Be careful, only cut three sides and without reaching the end of the square, in this way we can open the window day by day. At first I had thought of doing it with the punch, but it looks very bad and due to the thickness of the paper, it doesn't open easily. So do it with a cutter.


Next, on the lid of the box, we glue the strawberry tree and the paper that we have created with the numbers with double-sided tape.


Once the lid of the box is finished, we will work on the interior. We take measurements of the separations with the parchment paper template and we will cut out the cardboard that we need. The best way to stick the cardboard is with hot silicone.


Finally, we can continue decorating the lid of the box. In two corners I have decorated a little with Lagom trims, with their stamps and a bit of parchment paper.


We already have the box ready! All we have to do is fill it inside with surprises and thus turn it into a unique and personalized advent calendar!


For example… my son loves Super Wings so he will surely go crazy on the 13th.


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