Shaker Mini Album | Hopefully ALWAYS

Nov 13, 2020Raquel Cantó Arroyo
Today he goes through the Azahara blog with this album so full of details
Hopefully it ALWAYS goes on trips, meetings, adventures, projects in common, but above all love, lots of love. As soon as I saw her for the first time, I knew I wanted to do something very special with her. Not only that the photos I had were special, but also when working on it. I wanted Marta to feel when she saw the project how much her collection has made me fall in love. And that is why I have created this album full of details. Without a doubt the most laborious I've ever done. Its designs and colors are so harmonious that it only needs two details and they already decorate an entire page.
I have used Ojalá always to immortalize these 10 years of adventures and trips that I have been with my boy and I think that I could not have chosen better, because it has been simply spectacular.
I hope you've rushed a lot to buy the thousand details that this collection has because it's almost all sold out (and it's only been on sale for 2 days!!!) and I assure you that you won't regret it.
Marta, I will not tire of thanking you for creating this marvel, and I hope that my work is up to par with your collection.

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